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Edinburgh City

My Policies

Our country and our community need change.


The SNP and the Conservatives have let Scotland down, and people across Edinburgh East and Musselburgh are crying out for change. 

At this election, we can deliver the change that Scotland needs. It’s an opportunity we can’t miss. Find our more below. 

The Climate Emergency

Scottish Labour will:

- Create a publically owned energy company, headquartered in Scotland, to deliver green energy. 

- Put a proper tax on oil and gas companies. 

- Protect 30% of land and sea by 2030. 

- Invest in wind and solar power, with over 1000 projects in Scotland. 

Making Work Pay

Scottish Labour will:

- Make work pay with a new deal for working people. 

- Ban exploitative zero hours contracts

- Ban Fire and Rehire. 

- Guarantee sick pay, parental leave, and full rights from day one on the job. 

- Create a right to flexible working. 


Scottish Labour will:

- Support councils to fix potholes and improve roads. 

- Take buses back into public ownership to cut fares and create new routes. 

- Renationalise the railways to reduce fares and delays. 

- Invest in electric buses and trains to cut emissions and increase reliability. 


Scottish Labour will: 

- Deliver 160,000 extra appointments every year to cut waiting lists.

- Sort out GP practices like Riverside, making it easier to get appointments

- Reform social care and establish a National Care Service. 

- Invest in technology and new treatments so patients get seen faster. 

The Housing Crisis

Scottish Labour will:

- Strengthen renters' rights. 

- Slash planning red tape to build more homes while protecting the green belt.

- Create a Mortgage Rescue Scheme to support those facing higher payments. 

- Buying back empty properties and giving them to those most in need. 


Scottish Labour will:

- Give greater flexibility in childcare.

- Raise standards and attainment. 

- Take a zero-tolerance approach to violence and misbehaviour. 

- Open up cultural and sporting opportunities for every child. 

- Free breakfast clubs in primary schools. 


What Residents Are Saying

Edinburgh City

Dr Zack Hassan

"I used to vote SNP, and voted Yes in the independence referendum. 
But as a hospital doctor working the NHS, I see every day how the SNP has let Scotland down. Only Scottish Labour is promising to deliver.​"
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