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My priorities for our community

As Labour's candidate, I am standing to be your voice in Edinburgh East and Musselburgh. Through these local campaigns, I can see how badly our community needs real change. This is our home, and it's time for a fresh start.

For me, change would mean that managing your bills is not a daily struggle, that public services answer you swiftly and efficiently, and that our actions today protect Edinburgh and Musselburgh's coastal beauty for our children.

Below, you will find the key issues which I think need to be fixed to safeguard our community for our children. 

Chris Murray on Portobello Beach


Safeguard Portobello Beach

Our beaches at Portobello, Joppa and Musselburgh are beautiful. I love going down to the Prom, for a walk, or a coffee with a friend.

But this beauty is under threat. We love our beach, but we must protect it. SNP neglect has left it a mess. Sewage is being allowed to flow into the water, and sea walls are dilapidated and falling apart.

This needs to stop.

Sign my petition below to tell the SNP to protect our beautiful Beach. 


Musselburgh Flood Defences

The controversial Musselburgh Flood Protection Scheme might be beneath the notice of nationalist and conservative MPs, but this issue is firmly on my radar.


I've been listening to those involved, and it's clear that there are many questions for the Council and contractors to answer. 

We need to find a path forward that safeguards not just our homes, but also respects the beauty of the River Esk and of Musselburgh.


I would speak on behalf of residents to East Lothian Council, to achieve this. 

Click the link below to tell me your views on the flood scheme, so I can represent you better. 

The view of the River Esk in Musselburgh
Chris outside Riverside Medical Practice in Musselburgh


Riverside GP Practice

I know many residents struggle to get appointments at Musselburgh Primary Care Centre. This is unacceptable - the SNP have let our GPs down, to the extent that they can no longer give the care they want to. 

We need to increase capacity in Musselburgh and reform our practices, so that residents are no longer waiting hours on the phone for appointments. 

Sign my petition below to bring more GP services to Musselburgh and sort out the Riverside Practice. 

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