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Chris Murray outside Portobello town hall

My name is Chris Murray.

And I'm standing to be your next MP.

I moved to Edinburgh 8 years ago and love my new home. From Portobello to Musselburgh to Princes St Gardens, I want to serve the people that live here.

But I'm tired of seeing our community being let down by the Conservatives and the SNP. As much as people are fed up with politics, standing for election is the only way to make a difference - and that's what I want to do. 

Here's my story.

About Chris

Edinburgh East & Musselburgh is the best place in the world


I moved to Edinburgh just over eight years ago, and now live off Easter Road. I fell in love with this fantastic place when I moved here. I love living somewhere with a thriving cultural scene, breath-taking views, beautiful beaches, and brilliant people.  


Before coming here, I grew up in Glasgow, where I attended my local comprehensive state school. Thanks to my amazing teachers, I studied at Oxford University, and then did masters degrees at the London School of Economics and at Harvard. I passionately believe in the power of excellent state education to transform people’s lives and give them the opportunity to see the world.

Experience working in public service


I’ve spent my whole career working to make life better for our communities, especially the most vulnerable. For the past five years, I’ve worked to combat human trafficking in Scotland. I’ve seen with my own eyes how the most vulnerable people have been let down by the Tory government. I’ve also volunteered as the chair of a Scottish charity helping destitute people, bringing support to people who are completely sidelined by the system. 


Before that, I worked for Save The Children and a thinktank. And before that, I worked for the Foreign Office at the UK Embassy in Paris. My work involved representing Britain abroad and protecting UK citizens in moments of crisis.


The change our community needs


I love this place. Edinburgh East and Musselburgh have all the raw materials to thrive in the twenty-first century. 


But I worry too much is holding us back. Our economy should be booming – but too many people are struggling to pay rent or mortgages, or even find a home. There aren’t enough well-paying jobs, and too many sick people are on waiting lists for NHS treatment when they should be living their lives. Our amazing cultural venues are struggling. There is sewage in the water washing up on our beaches, and we need to act to tackle the climate crisis. 


Despite this, I firmly believe our best days lie ahead. As your MP, I’d work every day to ensure your voice is heard at the heart of a UK Labour government. There is so much to do, and so much we could achieve together, to give this place the amazing future it deserves. 


I want to speak to you!


I’m trying to speak to as many of you as possible in this campaign, so I know what matters to you. We’re out knocking on doors constantly. But if you’d like to speak to me, please get in touch! Drop me an email, and we can arrange a chat or a phonecall. I want to hear your views about how we can give this place the change it deserves.


On July 4th, vote Scottish Labour for the change Edinburgh East and Musselburgh needs. 

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