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Chris Murray

My name is Chris Murray, and I'm standing to be your MP in Edinburgh East and Musselburgh at the next general election. 

I love our community, but it's being let down by the SNP and the Conservatives - two bad Governments who don't have your best interests at heart. 

I think you deserve better. Scottish Labour will deliver the change Edinburgh East and Musselburgh needs. 

What Others are Saying

Picture of a doctor endorsing Chris Murray as the candidate
"I used to vote SNP, and voted Yes in the independence referendum. 
But as a hospital doctor working the NHS, I see every day how the SNP has let Scotland down.
Voting SNP has not helped the health service. Only Scottish Labour is promising to deliver.
That's why I'm backing Chris.

Dr Zack Hassan, Hospital Doctor

Scottish Labour's plan for change


Action on the climate emergency. 


An NHS fit for the future. 


Lower bills and greener energy. 


A new deal for working people. 


An end to the housing crisis. 

My Local Priorities

What do I want to change in Edinburgh East and Musselburgh?

I love our local area. From Portobello Beach and Musselburgh Riverside to Edinburgh Castle and Arthur's seat, there is nowhere I'd rather live. 

But the SNP and the Tories have let our area down. From GPs to pollution, there's lots to be done. 

Find out about my priorities for our community below. 

Have Your Say

Enough from me. Now, I want to hear from you.

About local issues.

Or your story.

Even why you don't trust politics any more.


Telling us what matters to you, and why, will help Labour deliver the listening government you deserve.

Do you want a Labour Government in Westminster?
If so, our message is simple: Vote for one.
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